Here’s How to Correctly Paraphrase Your Work

4 Tips to Follow When Paraphrasing

What are you required to do in paraphrasing? When a task requests you to paraphrase, it needs you to change other people's ideas without changing the meaning. To succeed in it, you need to understand the content first before modifying it. It is essential to cite your work each time you rephrase. Strive to come up with words similar to the original to avoid plagiarism. Paraphrasing may appear easy, but working on someone else's work is not a walk in the park. Your reader depends on you to get a different version of the original content. Below are tricks to use in paraphrasing the right way.

  1. Understand the Concept Used

In almost all instances, paraphrasing requires you to work on someone else article. It is not easy to venture into it without understanding the perception used. The first rule is to read and re-read. Try to learn by heart the ideas mentioned in the context and claim them. When you memorize the content, ideas flow comfortably in your mind. In such instances, you manage to paraphrase the entire content without going back to the original work. The main focus is to maintain originality but create a different paper.

  1. Follow a Process While Changing

It saves time when you follow a particular sequence while paraphrasing. Try to do it from the sentences to the paragraphs. Your content makes sense when you paraphrase from the introduction to the conclusion. Understand the idea in each sentence as you progress to the ending. With this approach, your content flows better for an easy read. In the process, you can also change the sentence structuring. If the original content had a passive tone, change it to an active tone. Split long sentences and combine short phrases to maintain coherency. Remember to support the previous sequence and use simple words without jargon.

  1. Note Down the Keywords

Most original articles have a keyword arranged in the content in a particular manner. The primary function of the keywords is to direct traffic to the content. Some items have more than one keyword to enhance viewings. These keywords play an integral role in the context and should not get eliminated. Start by noting them down before you embark on your paper. Sometimes, you may not have the option of modifying them. If need be, you should use similar words that maintain the main idea. Choose where to use them in your new content to enhance their purpose.

  1. Come up with a Draft

It is not in all instances that you get an easy task to paraphrase. Some of the difficult ones might require you to come up with several drafts. Keep in mind that the final product confirms the success of paraphrasing. If you do it in a rush, your content may lose the original meaning. Make your work easier but coming up with brief sentences or phrases that makes sense. In the end, you would only need to refer to your notes rather than going back to the original content.

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