Admission essay

Writing An Admission Essay.

How to Write An Admission Essay.

But for clarity purposes, let us define what an admission essay is first so that we are on the same page. An admission essay is a letter that you write to your university or college of interest, elaborating why you wish to join that particular institution. Most institutions require students to write an admission essay due to the large numbers of interested students. It is, therefore, in their best interests as institutions to sieve and choose the best candidates.

What Things Must Be Embodied in Your Admission Essay?

  • Personalization
  • Transparency
  • Background check on the institution
  • Demonstrate Your strengths

The first thing that your essay must embody is it must be personalized. Ensure that you add a personal touch to the admission essay by elaborating as much as you can about yourself. Some institutions choose to give a written exam, while others give oral interviews in place of an admission letter. Therefore, through your admission letter, you must answer who you are, where you come from, your background, and your experiences. This should be aligned to suit the purpose of your essay.

Secondly, you must do a background check on the University that you are applying to. Doing some research and finding as much information about the course you intend to take will show seriousness and understand what the institution is about. You need to know the courses offered to ensure you do not apply to a university that doesn't offer the course you are applying for. Therefore, read up on the university, the lecturers who take your courses of interest, and the courses offered to be an alternative to what you are initially applying for.

Thirdly, be legitimate. By this, we mean give real-time reasons as to why you are choosing that university. Give real reasons that show you are well-read, and you understand the quality of education offered in the university, hence your interest. You can add experiences of people you know, or your family members and how their school life in that particular university shaped their futures. It should mostly be more about your interests and real reasons as to why that specific university is your choice.

Fourthly, demonstrate your co-curricular strengths. For an institution nowadays, they are not just interested in students who are only book smart. The world we are moving to requires practical skills as well as intelligent and diverse young people. Therefore, you can show your diversity by showing your strengths in other co-curricular activities such as debates, American football, fine art skills, and so forth. This will put you at a higher pedestal and will give you more consideration.

Lastly, always edit and proofread your work. It would be so unfortunate when your prospective university cannot trust you based on how you write. Therefore, ensure you do a thorough spell and grammar check to eliminate any errors, while also checking on your punctuations. Once you are done editing, always proofread your work to ensure that it makes logical sense to a reader. Correct the sentences that sound off and switch whichever words that sound mixed up. You can effectively proofread by reading out loud or having someone else read the paper for you, as you can easily detect mistakes when it sounds like someone else's work.

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